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"Everybody has different methods of learning which work best for them. Some might like a hands on approach while others may do better in just simply watching. However it is you learn; you can be sure Tod will nurture that need.

He is easy going, friendly and above all has a widespread range of musical talents ranging far beyond the guitar. He has an uncanny ability to pick up riffs in a matter of seconds and then play them on his guitar, songs he’s never even heard before.

Whether it’s the faintest noise in the background or the main melody, you can be sure Tod will pick it up and then teach it to you in a way you can understand. Tod is more than just a teacher, he’s a friend who can help you realize your goals and then achieve them."

Daniel Putnam

“When the student is ready the Master shall appear.”
-The Mask of Zorro-

"For 30 years playing the guitar had been on my “To Do List”. One thing or another always got in the way of that goal. My friends all had guitars and needed a drummer. Sales people in music stores tried to convince me that although I am a lefty I should buy a right handed guitar. Lack of funds and time were also contributing factors. Did I mention my monumental lack of patience?

Around my 44th birthday I woke up one day and just knew that I had to learn to play. I searched for guitar teachers in my area on the net and quickly came across Tod’s site. I was impressed by his “Play first. Explain later”, philosophy. Did I mention my monumental lack of patience?

Tod feels that not only should playing the guitar be fun, but the learning should be fun as well. He asked me to burn a CD of songs that meant something to me and together we embarked on a journey of discovery that has meant the world to me.

He taught me that there really is no “right” or “wrong” way to play. There is only “my” way of playing. If it’s comfortable and it works for me then it’s right.

I have since moved away and every Tuesday at 6:15 I think of my teacher and friend and am grateful that I am fortunate enough to call him both."

Bill MacIntosh

"When Tod asked me what I wanted to "focus" on, I wasn't sure. One week I would bring him an original song (in the hopes he could make it better), the next, I would ask him to help me figure out a Leadbelly or old jazz song. Regardless of how unfocused my approach was, Tod never flinched. He was always eager and able to show me something new and embrace whatever requests and questions I had for him.

Only someone as generous and as talented as Tod can employ such a ranging philosophy of guitar teaching successfully. You learn a lot by just watching him, how he works his way through a song, or comes up with ideas for leads and fills.

With Tod you learn subtly. It does not feel like "lessons"; its more like having the opportunity to "hang out" with a skilled, seasoned player, who's willing to listen and help you get where you are going musically - even if, like me, where that is may be a bit out of focus!"

Corey Long

"Tod is the easy-going, amiable, and enthusiastic teacher you're hoping for. He makes the learning process enjoyable by giving you a creative outlet that helps you shape your own development. It's been about 8 months since I stumbled on Tod's website, and decided to take up Bass lessons; it took me about 8 minutes to realize I'd chosen the right teacher."

Chris Rocha

September 23, 2003 Josh showed up on my doorstep for his first guitar lesson. With no previous musical experience, he was a typical teenage beginner - he struggled through the initial stages of adapting to the instrument and the frustrations involved - but unlike many beginners, he persevered with a determination that surprised me again and again. June 24, 2006, Josh headed off to university. We recorded him singing and playing a full CD (titled “Odyssey”) of his favourite tunes; here’s the feedback.

“Hey Tod,

I got the CD and I love it, I can't thank you enough - it turned out so well. The only problem is you didn't make enough copies; there’s havoc in my house over the CD! I really want to thank you for everything - not just the CD, but also for being the guide of my musical journey. It has been a pleasure working with you and learning from you.

Josh Axler”

“Dear Tod,

Words seem so inadequate to thank you for the most beautiful gift you shared with us this morning. Of course, I was aware of Josh's passion for guitar, but experiencing his growth and self-confidence through the "Odyssey" you compiled is an incredible experience for any listener, but truly overwhelming for a mother.

Thank you so much for taking the time to really get to know Josh and nurture his growth and development. You are truly deserving of the name "teacher" in the finest and fullest sense. Your commitment and generosity to Josh and his music has been incredible.


Helena and Jeff Axler"

"I remember my first lesson with Tod clearly. I was so excited when I came home after my first lesson and I could play 'Green Eyes' by Cold Play. Based on my childhood experience taking piano lessons, I had anticipated having to do scales and chords for months before playing something cool! But instead, we hit the ground running (or rather playing).

That's what I love about taking lessons with Tod - he always keeps it fun and relevant. He teaches you to play the music that you love and choose, not what he suggests that you play. I found this was a great way to keep motivated and enthusiastic about learning and developing my skills as a musician.

It's also very impressive to see him figure out how to play one of my favourite songs after one or two listens, and then translate and transcribe it into something simplified that I could tackle as a beginner. I work full-time and don't have much time to practice, and I found that being able to play songs that I knew and loved really helped me to progress quickly and with great ease. I can't imagine how much I could accomplish with Tod's guidance if I actually applied myself!

In addition, my work schedule was often quite unpredictable, and Tod would go out of his way to fit me into his busy schedule for a 'make-up' session. This level of flexibility really helped me out.

It is my impression that Tod gives a great deal of care and attention to all of his students, and really tailors his teaching style to suit your personal goals, ambitions and skill level. I would not hesitate to recommend Tod as a teacher!"

Candice Weber

My name is Tod Kennedy, and if you'd like lessons, please contact me at wolfsongpro@hotmail.com.