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*How much are lessons?*

Lessons are $40.00 for a full hour, to be prepaid in 4-week cycles (4x40.00=$160.00).

*Do you offer Gift Certificates?*

Yes; the cost is the same as one cycle ($160.00 for four lessons). I issue the certificates by email, and although I cannot guarantee immediate placement, priority is part of the gift. PLEASE NOTE: Gift Certificates are non-refundable.

*Can we meet informally to discuss lessons?*

No. Consultations are lessons; you may book a single lesson at $40.00 for that hour. If you decide to continue, that cost will be absorbed into the four-lesson-cycle commitment described above; whatever you decide, payment is due at the end of that lesson.

*Where are you located?*

We're in the Mount Pleasant and Eglinton East area... please have a look at our Location Map.

*What times/days do you teach?*

Lesson times can be flexible, but normally we teach up to five days a week, never on weekends, starting at 5.00pm and ending the last lesson at 10pm. Days vary according to demand. Availability is seasonal, and will be discussed via email only.

*I can't find your phone number on your website. Why is that?*

I don’t do business by phone; email gives me a record of our interactions. Contact me here

*How long - and how many lessons - does it take to get started?*

This is impossible to predict, beyond the simple answer that taking the first step is a beginning; please read the following questions/answers for the reasons.

*Do you give group/couples' lessons?*

No. Each student has individual needs, goals, learning style, skill level, and pace; I adapt your lessons to those needs, so no two students get the same instruction from me.

*At what age is it appropriate to begin guitar lessons?*

Contrary to conventional “wisdom”, it’s never too late… but it can be too early. Children under the age of 6 generally have not developed the fine motor skills, mental focus, or pain tolerance required for guitar, and are better suited to piano. This is our experience, and there are exceptions; we're willing to assess on a case-by-case basis.

*Do I need a guitar to take lessons?*

Yes, owning or renting a guitar is a must. Your progress depends on the amount, frequency, and quality of time you spend practicing at home. You will not progress without practice, and you need a guitar to do this.

*What kind of guitar is best to start learning on?*

This depends ONLY on what style or type of music you want to learn; it is a common myth that you must begin on acoustic guitar before you progress to electric. A good entry-level instrument eliminates initial frustration.

The following will further clarify the issues raised in FAQ.

WolfSong Studio Policy Agreement

At WolfSong Studio, our goal is to maintain the highest quality learning environment possible, to meet the needs of the individual student in an effective and satisfying manner, and to conduct business in such a way that we understand each other clearly.

This means that, for our part, we will give you one hour-long lesson per week; we will maintain an ongoing assessment of your progress and keep you up-to-date on our opinion about this; we will attune your program to your specific learning style as agreed between us (some learn best by ear, some by written structure, others by hands-on experience, etc.); we will strive to keep you challenged and motivated (by asking you to choose songs you want to learn, for example, rather than setting an agenda for you).

For your part, we ask that you commit to a few things:

1. To set aside time weekly for practice... you will progress only as fast as you apply yourself.

2. To let us know how you feel about how things are going... too much too fast? Too little too slowly? These are things we need to know to give you the best experience we can.

3. To give us 24 hours notice, wherever possible, if you're going to miss a lesson; you'll get a credit in this case... otherwise, you'll be billed for the missed lesson as if you had been here. This is not an inflexible request... sudden illness or emergency happens, and won't cost you, even if your explanation comes after the lesson time. No-show, no call is what we're talking about... consideration of our time and schedules is what we're asking.

4. To pre-pay your lessons in four-week "cycles" ( $40.00 per lesson x 4 = $160.00 ). We prefer cash, but a cheque will do... you assume all charges from my bank for NSF cheques, though.

If this is all agreeable to you, we're in business, and we look forward to working with you! Please contact me, Tod Kennedy, at wolfsongpro@hotmail.com, and we can get started!